About Us

Cary Brooks Jr., Head Brewer

After trying his first craft beer, a Belgian Witbier, Cary’s eyes were opened. Suddenly, the idea of a “dirty-thirty” didn’t seem so appealing. But it wasn’t until years later, after plenty of sampling different beer styles, that Cary decided to take the plunge into craft brewing himself. The early days were tough and riddled with failure but the support of friends and family, and a willingness to drink those experimental brews, pushed Cary to continue the craft. No failure was met without a lesson learned. It wasn’t long before pallets of grain were arriving on the Brooks’ doorstep and Cary’s wife began to question his sanity. Nowadays, the supplies get delivered to the brewery, but the recipes start the same: scribbled on a cocktail napkin or scrawled onto an old receipt. Likewise, the tasting process remains the same as it always has: continuous scrutiny and refinement. We are very excited to share our beers with you!

Cary Brooks Sr.

Like a wise, old wizard, Cary Sr. offers sage advice and super-taster scrutiny when it comes to creating our brews.

Ken Brooks

Ken started brewing beer after years in the Upper Peninsula introduced him to what beer can really be. No two people like exactly the same thing and their beer should reflect that. After starting with basic brews, Ken quickly moved into brewing more and more experimental beers, many of which ended in rather unpalatable flavors. But where there is failure, there’s also opportunity to learn and improve. A few tasty brews later, Ken now helps Brooks Brewing develop their menu of beers and meads. The spectrum of flavors, aromas, and colors beer has to offer shouldn’t be underappreciated. Beer doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. Craft beer is as unique and flavorful as the people who make and drink it, we hope you can enjoy these beers as much as we do and maybe fall in love with the craft itself.

Rob Brooks

Rob likes a good beer with session drinkability. After work or over the weekend, beer is about relaxing and unwinding. Rob works with Brooks Brewing to provide insight on how to bring in patrons who haven’t quite jumped on board the craft brew train. Rob is our key to making “gateway beers” and helping in transitioning palates from guzzling down mass-produced light lagers to enjoying the intricacies of all that craft beers have to offer.